AlfaT s.r.o.

AlfaT s.r.o. is a forwarding and transport company, engaged in domestic and international transport of various goods across Europe and parts of Asia. Our goal is to relieve our clients from the worries associated with the transport of their goods so that they can do more important things.

Our services in the field of logistics and transport provide our clients with cost savings on storage and distribution. Precisely because of this, our company puts great emphasis on providing reliable, high-quality and comprehensive services with an emphasis on compliance with the agreed deadlines.

The company’s strategy is to have an individual approach to each client and ensure tailor-made solution. The result is the satisfaction of our clients who keep coming back to us and rely on us in every, sometimes even seemingly unsolvable situation.

AlfaT: Cooperation with us pays off

AlfaT s.r.o., a forwarding and transport company, focuses primarily on the area of Europe and Asia. We offer our partners quality services with respect to individual approach and adherence to deadlines. Our motivation is long-term partnerships and the satisfaction of our clients. We bet on four pillars guaranteeing a WIN-WIN cooperation: Quality, Responsibility, Innovation, Safety.

Your satisfaction is our success.

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The quality of provided services for our clients and business partners is paramount. We treat the goods of our clients as our own. Therefore, our clients are kept informed of where their goods are so that they can plan future actions related to the goods.



Responsibility is why our clients keep coming back. It has a significant impact on the satisfaction of our business partners, which is the cornerstone of long-term cooperation.



Innovation is what helps us grow. Through innovation, we continue to improve our services, increase our activity and enhance security of transported goods. Through innovation, we can save our clients their money that can be invested elsewhere.



Safety is very important for our partners and us. We pay attention to the safe delivery of goods with regard to the deadline.